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That's a wrap on the Dry Hop Brewers show in Chicago.  We are very thankful to them for their support of local art, hosting our photos for two months... and for their delicious beer.  We also continue to be thankful to our friends, family, and new followers who supported us throughout the show and beyond. It's been quite a ride to get to this point, but all of that support pushes us to keep shooting, posting, showing and selling.

Let's keep these good vibes going into 2017... we will need to appreciate light, love, beauty, art, and harmony now more than ever. 

Next up... Minneapolis!

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Happy Holidays ~ Becca and Mik Major

Major Departure Photography Exhibit

We are currently showing our photographs from Asia and Europe... we have had pop up galleries in Chicago and Los Angeles with more to come!  See some of the select images here.  Please visit to purchase.


Our last stop.  And even after all the places we had been this year, Ireland was still so unique... so green, crisp, cozy and the locals were the nicest people we met all year.  Thanks to Adina and Cole AND Amy and Justin, we had a few special visitors help us celebrate Thanksgiving and toast the end of Major Departure...


The UK at the holidays - what a dream!  Tea and biscuits (dark chocolate was my favorite), hot toddies, fish and chips, big ben, famous zebra crossings (Abbey Road), christmas lights, royal monuments, red double decker buses, mushy peas, meat pie, and a proper breakfast fry up (beans and toast yummmmm)... none of it would have been possible if it weren't for our wonderful hosts!  Drewe has been a friend since we met on a 3 day trip in Australia 12 years ago and he and his awesome wife, Helen showed us the best of England in 4 days.  I'll say it again... keeping up with your old chaps is so worth it.  

Provence, France

Une boucharie, une boulangerie, et une cafe... that's all you need to survive in the tiniest town in the Provence.  There are also plenty of provencial markets in the area to wander through and purchase amazing cheeses, flowers, and wines.  For lunch slap some butter and cheese on a baguette and you are good to go.  Ah the provencial life...


Portugal was a little unexpected addition to the road trip and proved that it's a good idea to go with the flow and leave some travel space open and unplanned.  It was perfect timing for us to have a week of freedom to drive around and explore a new country, just leaving it up to chance. We hoofed it through the mossy hills of Sintra along roads that had a colorful castle on one side and the jungle on the other and we enjoyed a few unexpected beach days along the cliffs of the sleepy surf town Sagres. We followed less of the guidebook and GPS and more just listened to where the land took us.

Espana Uno

We were excited for Spain... Mik had always wanted to visit his birthplace and we had both heard so much about it's wonderful places, history, and of course food.  But we really hadn't given it too much planning because it was always something that was going to come later, since we visited towards the end of our roadtrip.  Well, it surpassed all expectations.

We ended up spending a little over two weeks and drove just about everywhere.  We stopped in major cities - Madrid (it was so neat to visit his old neighborhood with his mom), Barcelona, Sevilla - and small wine and camino towns. We marveled with many at some of the most intricately designed European buildings, the Alhambra and Sagrada Familia, and a relaxed in a sleepy fishing villiage in Cabo de Gata national park.  It's a vibrant country, and so unique.  


Inadvertently, France has become a huge part of our European Major Departure... it was our first stop in July, when we flew in and picked up our trusty steed (the Puegeot) in Nice. It has taken us over 17,000 kilometers, or should I say "clicks."  More recently, we spent almost two weeks in Paris and then another week with Mik's mom in Northern Frace.  While touring the Champagne region, I never failed to order a glass (it's my favorite) and we named Veuve our "family champagne."  We visited the beaches of Normandy, paying tribute to the American and Allied soldiers who risked their lives on one of the most important days in world history.  It was particularly special for us - in 1944 one of these men was Mik's grandfather, Gayle's father - he landed at Omaha beach and continued combat until he made it safely home.

Currently we are back in the Provence (we're delayed in our posts a bit... perhaps it's all the French champagne:) spending our last few days relaxing in the smallest town (a mini market, a post, a butcher, a baker, and one cafe) before we begin our journey home.  We've come full circle.  This year was neither of our first times in France and we know it will not be our last.  Vive la France. 


Ahhh Paris in the fall... it's such a lovely place that the clounds and bit of rain didn't put a damper on a thing!  The parks were still immaculate and full of life and the Eiffel Tower shined bright. We had a ton of time to explore the many nooks and crannies (and plentiful hills of Montmartre) and even feel like locals here thanks again to Audrey. We met up with a few other friends too: a former New Yorker turned Parisian, our favorite Passaniti family, and Mik's mom.  She met us at the tail end to begin her leg of the Major Departure tour... again it has been so special to share this experience with so many.

Posting this today is a coincidence.  The attacks of last night will never permanetly darken the city of light. Our hearts are with everyone in Paris... hugs around the world.

African Detour

Djerba, Tunisia 

A long weekend in Northern Africa at our Parisian/Tunisian friend Audrey's gradfather's house proved to be quite amazing.  Beaches, an Arabic spa, good food, and cool history.  It was surreal to be thrust into that landscape after 3 months in Europe... it reminded us a bit of the Asian part of our travels.  



Being a compact, managable, canal town... Brugge was nice and chill. We were able to slowly wander through the misty, narrow streets and over the canals; stopping every now and then for a Belgian waffel, a piece of chocolate, some frites and of course a few of their unique and uber delicious beers.