Penang, Malaysia


This is a place we never even knew existed and it's one of my favorite places I've ever been. That alone is a reason to travel - just knowing there is so much out there. We feel very lucky we are able to take this good chunk of time find these hidden gems. 

You could just feel the history, diversity, and acceptance of all types of people in Georgetown, the neighborhood of Penang we stayed and mainly hung out in. Little India is right next to Chinatown. There was a mix of the old Asia - colorful heritage buildings, cracking tiles, chipping paint, mahjong halls, tri-shaws - and some really new and hip places - cafes (a cat cafe!), museums, street art, galleries, and shops. 

The best part of town was a street named Harmony St. We first stepped in a small, pristine Angelican church. Next and the complete opposite was the most colorful Chinese Buddhist temple. Just across the street sat a Hindu Temple (under construction). Steps away we were donning robes and walking around the perimeter of a beautiful Islamic Mosque. You could hear the Muslim call to prayer, smell the Chinese incense, and see the white church steeple all from the same street corner. 

And. The. Food. Malaysians LOVE FOOD. We visited many hawker stalls, street carts, & cafes, but made one certain hawker venue our spot. We'd try to inquire about dishes, but a lot of times you have to just point and hope for the best!