$4 foot massages
Free cold water to fill water bottle
The train DOES stop in Butterworth
Harmony Street
"Porridge is not my priority" - Malaysian man describing congee
Asian colors 
Finding free wifi
Connecting to wifi
Turquoise water 
Little India
Free breakfast 
"So pretty.  You are so pretty!" - Little Indian girl to me, said with bright eyes
Server #9
Drinking Hendricks (cheaper than beer) in a British pub in Malaysia watching American Football (Super Bowl)
A long tail boat puttering by
A strong ocean breeze in the hot equator sun
Turquoise fan
Neon blue water
Mik's flippered feet in the air disappearing into the water
Sunlight shining through thatched bungalow walls
Perfect Stir Fry
Thai Pancake Lady
Making new friends - Dutchies!
75 cent mojito
Finding a peanut butter toast
Sing Ha Soda Water
Sleep Sheet and Travel Pillow
Inle Lake fisherman
Being DONE with a 22 km "trek" through mountain villages and plantations (and our guide Kantu)
Constantly thankful for our homes and upbringing
Checking into hotel room at 7 am
Internet "cafes"
Ebikes (not as good as a scooter but better than having to use man power)
Champagne and banana bread
Hot air ballooning over 4000 temples 
Sweat and soup mixing together dripping down chin
a secure  zipline keeping me from falling into the jungle 
"Sometimes having a decent backside has its advantages" - when scooting 
Bright kelly green rice patties 
Indian dinner in Nong Kiew
Cool jungle air
Scooter adventures
Finding out about a sleepy / romantic old travel town in the middle of Laos
Marvin who fixed my flat tire saying as we drove away: "be kelfur" (be careful)
Ata Becca 
Ma'am sir
I believe I can fly
My sister
No money no honey 
Floating effortlessly in the hot springs staring at the stars
Drinking passionfruit juice resting under passionfruit vines w butterflies flying by 
Sharing thin mints w Lee our VN tour guide
Mom and Pam thinking everything in VN was FanTAStic
Sharing photos w Osman on his porch in the quiet rain
Checking out the stars/lightning clouds on the beach in Kudat
The last sunset surprising us coming out after the storms in Kudat - chill out bc all in the end will be ok
Planning a cross Europe road trip via phone with Mik while I am literally driving across country from Florida