20 hours

feet  > taxi > train > bus > ferry > car > feet

We took a 12 hour sleeper train from Bangkok - FC baby, had our own bunk - and arrived in Surat Tahni, a transition town, before the sun came up.  (*Side note: last time we were here, Mik almost rode off on a bus without me while I was using the toilet at a local restaurant).  And then after a quick bus ride and a quick ferry we landed at our next destination, Ko Samui!  As we were exiting the ferry, I asked a friendly local girl how to get to our part of the island and she offered us a free ride with her driver since she was headed in that direction- what a nice way to end a long night of travel - and make a new friend.

*I settled my debt with the restaurant whose facility I used (the last time) but ran out of before I had a chance to pay as I was trying to catch the bus/my new husband that was driving away without me.

Rebecca MajorComment