14 1/2 hours

taxi > bus > taxi

(Yangon > Inle Lake)

The taxi ride (I have to remember no one knows what a "cab" means in Asia) was an hour of hot, dusty, bumper to bumper traffic. The leaves on the trees are even covered in dust.
It's the craziest bus station I'd ever seen. Our company terminal smelled like pee, mothballs, and cigarettes. Men spit their sunflower seeds and chew directly onto the floor, inside.
Beautiful children waved, excitedly to see us. Mik joined a game of local sport - a combo of volleyball, soccer, and hacky sack.
We leaned on each other the entire overnight bus ride to keep from bouncing around too much on the windy, bumpy roads. I slept and Mik kept watch of our things in between nodding off (good man).
We were awoken at 6 am told our stop was next.  Before we even got a chance to gather ourselves (and wake up) the bus attendant was zipping Mik's carry on and practically carrying him off the bus. It wasn't a bus stop but just the side of the road where a handful of taxi drivers vied for our fare.
We were so thankful that Teakwood let us into our room at 7 am and napped until breakfast.