Ballooning over Bagan

By far, the COOLEST thing to date, and even in recent memory… we rode in a hot air balloon over what I dubbed “Kingdom” of Temples (because Kings had them all built there and I think it sounds badass).  There are THOUSANDS of them.  We scooted (er e-biked) our way past them individually, stopping to peek in here and there.  But as a mass, from above, at sunrise, FROM A BALLOON… they were magical.  Floating up there was surprisingly not scary at all, just easy, peaceful and gorgeous.  The landing was fun and hilarious… we bounced a few times and actually tipped over - we were told this can happen, but isn’t likely.  Of course, we were fine, but were the subject of a giggle fest between some local ladies who peered in to see all 16 of us (silly white tourists) stuck on our backs in a giant basket.