The Gibbon Experience

We traveled to this particular remote corner of Laos specifically for a 3 day/2 night trekking, ziplining, treehouse living, Gibbon spotting, waterfall swimming adventure.  Even though we weren’t able to spot any Gibbons (rare apes that live in this particular National Park), it did not disappoint.  The trekking was hard, but so rewarding: we’d trek up a mountain side, then zipline over the valley to the next.  Trek, zip.  Trek, zip.  We had a really great group of 9 people with two guides.  And we slept in some of the tallest tree houses in the world.  The only way in and out of them, was to zipline in and out.   

Once the guides showed us the way around the jungle… we had free rein of the place.  The last morning we woke up just before sunrise and I turned to Mik saying “it would be pretty awesome to zip through this morning fog”… and so we did.  On our third or fourth zip that morning, the light pink sun started to gently poke through the fog and took my breath away (as if the ziplining hadn't already accomplished that). The adventure in all was hot, difficult, exhilarating, scary, exciting, fun, rewarding, and simply incredible.