10 hours 45 minutes

taxi > flight > feet (running through terminals) > flight > taxi

Hanoi, Vietnam > Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia

What IS it with the Kualalumpur airport?! We're always running down its endless hallways to catch a flight (ok one other time than this but those are the only two times we've cut any traveling thisclose). 

We headed towards Malaysian Borneo for the last leg of Major Departure: Southeast Asia. It was kinda bittersweet.  It felt a little bit like an ending to this amazing journey, but we can't be sad as we've had such unforgettable experiences. 
To be fair it's kinda just halftime as we take a few months in the states to prep for Europe, our second half!
Plus we've got quite the halftime show to look forward to while in the Midwest: not one but two wedding events of a lifetime (besides ours almost two years ago) - my little sister and one of my oldest friends!