We've been home for over a week and this jet lag is NO joke!  So you get a short explanation for Borneo... it was an adventure!  

We actually started our time on the third largest island in the world with a relaxing 5 days at the Tip of Borneo.  It's a special place that has not been overrun by mass tourism yet... or really not yet touched by tourism pretty much at all.  It felt like a wonderful mix of two of my favorite places in the world - Up North Wisconsin (quiet, cabins, pine trees) and SoCal (frisbee on the beach with a gorgeous sunset backdrop).

A quick hop in our own private puddle jumper brought us to the jungle...


And then it was time for snakes, crocs, pygmy elephants, MONKEYS!, orangutan, bats, cockroaches, centipedes, tons of gorgeous birds - all this wildlife up close and personal on ONE river (and a cave and orangutan sanctuary nearby): the Kinabatangan.

Lastly... some snorkel (and one brief scuba) time.  We were in and out of the clear blue water quite a lot the last week of our trip - not too shabby.  One particular afternoon we snorkeled a coral cliff wall with so many fish, it felt like they were multiplying before our eyes.