The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are a very special place to my mom and her husband John (he saved her life skiing there a few years ago and we will forever be grateful for that!).  She wanted to share that place with us. Boy they were not wrong - it was breathtaking (literally on the hikes:), awe-inspiring, wonderous, and just plain amazing.  We parked our car in the Lauderbrunnen Valley, took a gondela up to Gimmelwald and stayed on the clifftop.  Gondelas and our very tired feet were our only form of transport for the next 3 days.  Oh and parachutes!

The views were spectacular and one day at the top (Schiltorn Mountain) we were literally above AND below the clouds.  The weather was cool and refreshing and cold, fresh mountain water naturally flowed from spickets in each town. We were in awe every day.  Thank you mom for sharing this special corner of the world with us.