Hrvatska (Croatia)

Croatia popped up towards the top of our travel to-do list a few years ago.  Hearing how great it is from friends who had visited, plus a quick Google image search and I was sold!  Still it was even more gorgeous and interesting than we'd expected.  But of course as with every spot in this part of the world it was not surprisingly gorgeous.  The Adriatic coast is all rocky and dramatic with beautiful, hidden, quiet coves that we discovered by car and motorboat.  You can feel the medival history oozing out of the cobblestone streets and buildings.  We ate olives, drank questionable bathtub wine, and had our first experience with how comfortable European camping is (think pools and markets and restaurants).  Oh yea, and it was scortchingly hot.

Plitvička Jezera (Plitvice Lakes) National Park


Hvar Island