Ahhh Paris in the fall... it's such a lovely place that the clounds and bit of rain didn't put a damper on a thing!  The parks were still immaculate and full of life and the Eiffel Tower shined bright. We had a ton of time to explore the many nooks and crannies (and plentiful hills of Montmartre) and even feel like locals here thanks again to Audrey. We met up with a few other friends too: a former New Yorker turned Parisian, our favorite Passaniti family, and Mik's mom.  She met us at the tail end to begin her leg of the Major Departure tour... again it has been so special to share this experience with so many.

Posting this today is a coincidence.  The attacks of last night will never permanetly darken the city of light. Our hearts are with everyone in Paris... hugs around the world.