Inadvertently, France has become a huge part of our European Major Departure... it was our first stop in July, when we flew in and picked up our trusty steed (the Puegeot) in Nice. It has taken us over 17,000 kilometers, or should I say "clicks."  More recently, we spent almost two weeks in Paris and then another week with Mik's mom in Northern Frace.  While touring the Champagne region, I never failed to order a glass (it's my favorite) and we named Veuve our "family champagne."  We visited the beaches of Normandy, paying tribute to the American and Allied soldiers who risked their lives on one of the most important days in world history.  It was particularly special for us - in 1944 one of these men was Mik's grandfather, Gayle's father - he landed at Omaha beach and continued combat until he made it safely home.

Currently we are back in the Provence (we're delayed in our posts a bit... perhaps it's all the French champagne:) spending our last few days relaxing in the smallest town (a mini market, a post, a butcher, a baker, and one cafe) before we begin our journey home.  We've come full circle.  This year was neither of our first times in France and we know it will not be our last.  Vive la France.