Espana Uno

We were excited for Spain... Mik had always wanted to visit his birthplace and we had both heard so much about it's wonderful places, history, and of course food.  But we really hadn't given it too much planning because it was always something that was going to come later, since we visited towards the end of our roadtrip.  Well, it surpassed all expectations.

We ended up spending a little over two weeks and drove just about everywhere.  We stopped in major cities - Madrid (it was so neat to visit his old neighborhood with his mom), Barcelona, Sevilla - and small wine and camino towns. We marveled with many at some of the most intricately designed European buildings, the Alhambra and Sagrada Familia, and a relaxed in a sleepy fishing villiage in Cabo de Gata national park.  It's a vibrant country, and so unique.